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Security Provision Services in Lahore

Realize our range of extensive Security Provision Services in Lahore. ESSENCE is here uniquely offering, designing, installing and managing complete security solutions.
Provide security staff
We recognize the significance of our security staff in offering service satisfaction and making sure overall performance. The role and responsibility of security personnel may be diverse thus we deliver fully flexible solutions valued according to the exact needs of every client. ESSENCE offers security staff in Lahore and all over the Pakistan to undertaking security roles.
Customized facility management
With a great facility management expertise, we can provide a complete range of services. From basic to high-level professional services for example CCTV system, we offer modified integrated facility management solution to suit the exclusive requirements of your company. We assist you in reducing security provision costs with our smart facility management approach. Our facility management system is backed by high-tech online management system to monitor the performance.
Electronic security
We create, determine, install and update all kinds of security system. From small to smart system and modified building security system which integrates all important security features in a user-friendly software tool, we tailor these systems to any exact operational need and make sure that they are compatible with law.
Regarding electronic security, our expertise areas are closed circuit cameras, controlled entrance system, intruder alarm and central security monitoring station, counting system and refuge system. Physical security
There includes static and dynamic security gate, barrier, check post, security light, security vapor system, safe lock etc.

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