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Govt Events Management in Lahore

Whether for federal or local government department, we have an active event plan for every government event and meeting management all over Pakistan with the ESSENCE platform, offering you with planning strategy to help you in all steps of organization and execution procedure. ESSENCE Government Event Management Company in Lahore offer services to all government entities to plan events of any type, from small one-day event to a big multi-day event with all important activities. ESSENCE strives to make sure increasing response rate and decreasing event management costs for any government event by providing a comprehensible solution. Features of our services for government events There involves planning, budgeting, sourcing and managing your government event with more ease, afterward reporting back to authorities with advanced softwares to make you check all steps accurately.

Tailoring event brand marking We practice full management over brand marking over all social media websites and email marketing.
Engage participants We let your event participants to engage better with you, with one another and the contents via mobile app.
Register participants on site It involves checking participants in event and other sessions as fast as possible, furthermore saying goodbye respectively.
Make sure satisfaction Ensure event management satisfaction meeting the event objectives.
Improve participant’ experience Review participants' event social contents and show them live during the program.
Create program report It involves gaining insights in event data with ESSENCE' event reporting tools.
Budget planning It involves handling event budget plan with our budget planning tools. Monitor negotiated, estimated and real cost.

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